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#ReconstructionWork: Whose Memorials? (2022)
Presentation / Conference
Sobers, S., & Asante, B. (2022, May). #ReconstructionWork: Whose Memorials?. Presented at #ReconstructionWork, Online

The state backlash against the mass protests for racial justice in June 2020 is well underway. A reaction punctuated by the recent passing of the Police, Crimes and Sentencing Bill, which has increased the maximum penalty for criminal damage to a mem... Read More about #ReconstructionWork: Whose Memorials?.

Rosemary Nursery School 90th Anniversary (2018)
Digital Artefact
Agusita, E., Burton, E., & Glazzard, T. (2018). Rosemary Nursery School 90th Anniversary. [Digital Publication]

Since we realised we were heading for Rosemary Nursery School’s 90th birthday, we have been on an amazing journey of discovery. Supported by our local historian, Edson, a group of parents and staff members delved into the Bristol Record Office archiv... Read More about Rosemary Nursery School 90th Anniversary.